Pavyotts Mill Fishery

Pavyotts Mill Fishery in the quaint village of East Coker just outside Yeovil is a superb 10 acre dedicated Carp fishing complex, comprising of 3 lakes which are well stocked to an impressive 50lb plus, an excellent venue for Carp anglers to improve their personal best.

Pavyotts Mill Carp Fishery

There has been some controversy about this complex, some people like it, some people don’t, a bit of a Marmite scenario, personally, I love the place, it’s a great complex with everything you could need as a carp angler, I’ve travelled to France and numerous other venues around the country the experience is similar, to France, with multiple carp lakes, stocked with different sized fish but, all are of a good size and in great condition. There is a shower block, toilets, and your swim is isolated, so you have your own dedicated area to fish from, nobody wandering around or going for a walk with the dog on an early evening. The people who visit Pavyotts are carp anglers, so the only thing that disturbs the peace is the sound of a Delkim screaming in the night, funny how that sound gives you a buzz, even when it’s not yours.

You can spend a weekend at Pavyotts and not catch a fish but, that’s the same anywhere in the world I guess but, when the alarm does scream and bobbins do lift you know that if you successfully land the fish it’s going to be a big fish, you won’t get woken in the middle of the night and find you’ve landed a 4lb Mirror, or 3lb Bream, or at least I’ve not heard that from anyone and I’ve certainly not experienced it myself, the smallest fish I’ve caught from Pavyotts, is 16lb Carp, a Common from a read bed at about 80 to 100 feet out from my swim. Read more

Pavyotts Mill Fishery Lake Images

07913 953844 – Office phone line open: 9am to 5:30pm Mon-Fri and Sunday

07394 689438 – Out of hours emergency number: 5:30pm to 9am

Gates open at 8am to 9pm.

Check in Time 11:30am and Check out Time 10:30.

Please be aware that due to the COVID Pandemic the information on this website is kept up to date as often as possible, unfortunately, thing changes very quickly so please contact us to make a booking and check on the latest information.

– Call Anita On 07913953844 –

COVID-19 update
We need all visiting anglers to follow the government’s rules while at the fishery. If you or any member of your family have any of the COVID-19 symptoms please do not come. Remember we still need you to social distance while at the fishery. No visiting other swims unless part of your family /group. No having a walk around or going through other swims. On arrival please stay in your vehicle, the office is out of bounds.
Cash is still taken for payment as well as the card.

The cabins have had all materials removed and that includes the bunks, you will need to bring your own bed. Cradles and buckets are provided at the swim. Sling, landing net, chip reader and returns card to be collected on arrival. Please DO NOT bring your own. These should be handed back when departing. Bring sanitiser and other materials that you need to make us and you safe for your visit.

Fishery rules are still in place as normal.
Barbless hooks
No Bank Sticks Allowed
No unattended rods
No unruly behaviour, including loud music, drinking to excess.
Respect other anglers
No open fires
No guns
Gates must be shut behind you always
No swimming
Respect the wildlife
Clean the cabin
If you have a fish stuck contact the office.
Fish care kits and general fish care when on bank is a must e.g.: only use the cradle in the swim, fresh water used to wet cradle, handle fish with care and return ASAP.

Please read full set of rules.

Care of the fish should be every ones prime concern.

The Fishery Team.

In the best interest of the fish Graham and his team have decided that photos of the fish being held above the cradle is no longer allowed.  Pictures of the fish in the cradle are permitted or alternatively, you can get into the water and support the fish at your own risk.  A stone standing area within the water on the side of each peg will be installed soon. Please be careful with the carp and always use carp fish Care Aid spray or liquid.

Please take a look at the video below before your visit.